Ordering a BMW M2 might seem like a great idea and something easy to do, right? The reality is a bit different, as the new sports coupe is pretty much sold out in various markets worldwide. It may not be a collector’s item like the BMW 1M, but it is still a fairly limited at least in the first year of production. So it comes as no surprise that some BMW owners decided to upgrade their M235i Coupe to the level of the M2.

European Auto Source is the company behind this BMW M235i build. They’ve taken a BMW M235i and transformed it into an M2 competitor. The improved suspension, performance and weight shedding make the M235i a hefty performance machine – while not at M2 power levels – every other facet is brought close to the M2’s levels – if not equaled entirely.

BMW M235i Build By EAS Image 2 750x469

The guys at EAS installed a Motion Control Suspension with Ground Control Camber Plates – a perfect suspension system upgrade for this vehicle. The improved suspension system is a perfect upgrade, since it brings track oriented cornering performance for the 2 Series.

No major power upgrades were done. The team at the shop installed a Dinan Carbon Fiber Air Intake and an aftermarket performance exhaust system to achieve better throttle response, a bit more power and enhanced power delivery.

The M235i does fall short of the whopping 335 horsepower at the wheels of the M2, so European Auto Source turned to weight reduction as a performance multiplier on this build. First the complete interior was stripped down and the lightweight Cobra Imola Pro-Fit race seat was added. The removal of the passenger side seat, allows for excess weight to be shed and give the M235i seen here better overall cornering and straight line performance speed.

BMW M235i Build By EAS Image 5 750x469

The addition of lightweight wheels – like these Apex ARC-8 – allow the M235i to shed off some more weight as they remove excess unsprung mass. These wheels come with Bridgestone Potenza RE-Z1R Tires in a box setup of 265/35 R18 front and rear, respectively. These tires are perfect track ready rubber that will allow the M235i to achieve some great lap times too.

BMW M235i Build By EAS

This build is finished with some M Performance Parts including: M Performance Front Splitter, M Performance Trunk Spoiler and the M Performance Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps for this build.

The project build gallery is available below.

BMW M235i Build By EAS