The design of the 2016 BMW 7 Series is as dividing as ever, the BMW community and the auto industry having different views on the new luxury sedan. That’s always been the case but it doesn’t take away any of the credit the designers deserve. Looks will always be subjective. To illustrate its design, a team of architects immortalized the 7 Series in a porcelain sculpture. The sculpture was created by Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur (KPM) Berlin in collaboration with BMW and has an artistic which resembles the shape of the limousine, combining its silhouette – reduced to the essential elements of its design – with a monolithic porcelain pedestal.

The pedestal, in turn, has a surface structure that recalls the BMW 7 Series pattern used in communications. While the pedestal has a subtle glazing, the 1:18 scale car is made from white, matte bisque porcelain. The reduced light reflection and the absence of glaze lend it the look of Parian marble.


“Porcelain is a fascinating material and the name KPM Berlin represents a byword for top quality and innovative design, and embodies a passion for exquisite hand-craftsmanship,” says Nader Faghihzadeh, exterior designer for the BMW 7 Series. “The “Driving Luxury in Porcelain” sculpture provides an artistic window into the essence of the car’s very special design.”

“Our credo at KPM Berlin is ‘made to stay’. The BMW 7 Series is another of those icons that never goes out of fashion because its design is timeless. With this sculpture we are immortalizing the elegant dynamics and luxurious aesthetics of the new BMW 7 Series in an artwork,” said Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur chief designer Thomas Wenzel.

Only 500 units of the 30×17 cm (12 x 7 inches) will be made with Calligraphic “BMW 7 Series” lettering adorning the base of the pedestal, writing which can be personalized if desired. They will be available in select dealerships starting this July as part of the BMW Iconic Collection.