Stefan Sobot took the new BMW M2 for a night photoshoot in Belgrad, the capital of Serbia. The beautiful Long Beach Blue M2 truly shines under artificial light which perfectly accentuates the design lines and proportions of the compact sports coupe. While the M2 has gathered many accolades for its driving dynamics, it’s truly the design that makes it stand out on the road.

The new BMW M2 is a looker. This could be BMW’s best looking car when it debuts next year. The M2 looks muscular, but not overdone, aggressive but not flashy. It could also be the best proportioned M car since the E46 M3. The fenders flare out a bit, to give the M2 a more muscular stance, but they do so subtly without looking like a boy-racer. It’s not overdone, like some say the M3 is, it looks just right and could be BMW’s best looking car. BMW says the fenders were extended 55 mm at the front and 80 mm at the rear.


The design also incorporates so many BMW design cues from both its road cars and its Motorsport history. The three-dimensional design of the grille has a “shark nose” feel to it. The modern take on the BMW twin circular headlights (here in xenon form) underlines the car’s forward-surging look and establishes a close stylistic connection with the grille.


Furthermore, its track handling is just as superb. Last month, German magazine Sport Auto took the new BMW M2 on the Hockenheim short track for an instrumented test. The car weighing 1572 kilograms with no driver managed to score a lap time of 1:12.5 minutes. Around the same time, Auto Zeitung reported a lap time of 1:13.2 minutes. And more recently, Sport Auto scored an even better time – 1:12.2 minutes.


The M2 is BMW’s car that will get the most attention this year and with more customers getting behind the wheel, it will continue to be the talk of the town.

[Source: Autogespot]