The BMW M4 is often regarded as one of the fastest M cars ever built by the Bavarians. The car is light, nimble and agile, the trademark characteristics an M car should have, regardless of its size. The footage you’re about to see focuses on those exact features.

Put together by director Alessandro Paccian, the video below is actually a trailer for a longer film that will be launched later this year. The video features a BMW M4 on a futuristic track that tests not only the car’s limits but also the driver’s.


Set in what seems like futuristic setting, the M4 is shown racing on a floating race track, high above the city streets. What’s even more impressive is how the visual effects were put together.

Unlike the videos BMW uses for promotional purposes, that have to abide to a certain set of rules to be allowed on TV networks, the video below is a lot more exciting, basically inviting you to try the M4 for yourself.  Kinda like how the legendary clips made by Guy Ritchie brought a lot of customers to the brand.