In standard form, the BMW 220i Coupe makes 184 horsepower and 366 Nm (270 lb-ft) of torque from its 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine. But that wasn’t enough for the German tuning specialists at mcchip-dkr. The tuning shop developed a power it for the 220i capable to bring the total power output to 320 horsepower.

The project was called MC320 and comes with three levels of software upgrade upgrades. Along with the ECU remap, this power kit also features new turbocharger, highly efficient downpipe plus a 200-cell-sport-catalytic and a larger intercooler. The first kit brings the power output to 255  hp while torque goes up to 542 Nm (400 ft-lbs of torque). The top speed jumps to 250 mph.


The “MC320” kit offers a total power output of 320 hp and 590 Nm (435 ft-lbs) of torque and a max speed of 260 mph. The latter actually includes the level three software plus the “MC320” upgrade for the turbocharger plus the downpipe and the 200-CSPI-sport-catalytic.


Visually, the 220i Coupe gets a new set of wheels by MBDesign. The LV-1 wheels come in 19-inch size and fitted with appropriate tires. Driving dynamics have been aided by the KW-coilover suspension version three. A special livery enhances the exterior looks of the car.