As we reported earlier, BMW Motorrad is set to unveil a centenary vehicle this October. The vehicle is one of four vehicles this year which both celebrate BMW’s centenary, as well as demonstrate future possibilities and technologies for the brands.

Scheduled to be unveiled in Los Angeles, California, at this moment, largely nothing is known about the vehicle which BMW Motorrad will unveil. Our peers at Autocar are reporting that the tag line for the new vehicle is “The Great Escape,” intended to convey the freedom of riding. However, we can speculate about what it may or may not preview.

BMW’s motorcycle range is quite diverse, representing everything from a small displacement naked-standard to a 1600+cc touring bike. What might this centenary vehicle be in terms of size and segment? As the vehicle won’t merely be representative of all of BMW Motorrad’s culminated experience thus far but also a glimpse into the future of the brand, it’s quite possible that this vehicle could utilize an alternative power source, rather than a traditional engine.


As for size, based upon two different factors, I’d suggest that the vehicle will be a powerful vehicle. One; it will be unveiled here in the States, where large displacement motors are almost all that consumers clamor for. Two; with the success brought forth by the introduction of the S 1000 RR, a performance oriented machine, it seems rather appropriate that performance will continue to be of great significance for the brand moving forward.

Again, as the brand’s most successful offerings are of large displacement, we can narrow down the possible segments that this vehicle might belong to. A large displacement sportbike would be one option, however, as the vehicle is likely to also preview many new technologies which aren’t often immediately embraced by sport riders, many of whom think that such technologies interfere with the riding experience, this seems like an unlikely possibility. Of course, a standard is an option as well. Yet, I think it’s most probable that the vehicle will be a touring machine. This makes sense, as the touring bikes occupy the upper echelons of the BMW Motorrad range, where new and more costly technologies are most likely to make their debut.

As far as technology is concerned, BMW Motorrad has, over the years, drawn from the vast technological advancements of the BMW automotive division to make a riding a safer proposition. Examples of this range from the introduction of ABS in the 80s to the recent introduction of blind spot monitoring. Depending on how radical the concept vehicle is, it could preview systems as advanced as autonomous braking.

Though, it’s fun to speculate about what the future might hold, today I’d also like to take a second to congratulate BMW on its 100th birthday. Hopefully, today will mark merely the first hundredth of many more hundreds of birthdays to come. Thank you BMW for providing both drivers and riders alike with premium, joy oriented machines which enhance our lives.

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