The typical BMW customer varies now more than ever. From your typical demographic who enjoys buying 5, 6 or 7 Series models, to the younger crowd behind the wheel of an M2 or 2 Series Coupe. Therefore, their lifestyle and accessories can be just as different. With a shift towards more streetwear clothing, lots of BMW drivers are now sporting sweatpants or joggers that make driving a bit more comfortable. So it’s only reasonable to assume that a pair of cool sneakers is part of the overall outfit.

And when it comes to sneakers there are many choices out there – from the general releases put out by Nike or Adidas, to the more niche items from Asics or New Blanace, and ending with special boutique collaborations. One of those collaborations that stands out this month is the Concepts x Diadora N9000 “Concepts Pack”. Concepts – a Boston-based boutique – celebrates their 20th year anniversary of existence with this stylish, yet manly constructed in Italy pair of sneakers.

Concepts x Diadora N9000 Concepts Pack (5)

This collaboration takes design cues from the fashion era of the 1950s, and the ideal of “distinguished gentlemen” – one that many BMW owners can associate with.

Concepts x Diadora N9000 Concepts Pack (2)

Furthermore, the model at hand features hues of black, white and red, with additional premium materials of premium suede and leather combing the silhouette. A variety of laces that act as an homage to the era, while the shoe packaging features silhouette of a tuxedo jacket with a trifold red pocket square – another fine touch.

Concepts x Diadora N9000 Concepts Pack (1)

The limited edition collaboration will be available for in-store purchase beginning at 10:00am EST on February 27. Electronic sales will go live on the Concepts website at 12:00pm EST on February 27 and includes complimentary shipping domestically.