Come February 14, at least one half of every couple goes searching for flowers and chocolates and other typical romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day. Flower and chocolate shops are swamped on the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, with mobs of people trying to get their significant other the perfect romantic gift in hopes of having a romantic evening. But even bigger than the chocolates and flowers and funny cards is the Valentine’s Day dinner date.

If you’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day with a partner before, you’ve probably done the dinner date. It’s almost necessary and usually expected. And because this is usually expected, it’s important to bring your partner to dinner in style. So what better way to do so than driving them there in a BMW? But which BMW? That’s the bigger question. There are so many excellent ones, which would be the best date car BMW for Valentine’s Day?

One of the best Valentine’s Day date cars ever, not just of 2016 BMWs, is the brand-new BMW M6 convertible. Nothing says dinner date like a drive in a drop-top grand tourer with a grumbly, sexy exhaust. The BMW M6 is just such a seductive looking car, it starts seducing your date the moment they see. Then the throaty exhaust rumbles on start up, the top goes down and the stars come out. Come on, that seduced me just typing it. Plus, there’s something very romantic about grand touring cars, as grand-touring has a romance to it on its own. Add in the looks, sound, power and speed of the M6 and you have a car that will have your date immediately thinking about after the date, if you know what I’m saying.

2013 bmw m6 convertible 084 750x515

However, the BMW M6 is a little expensive, actually a lotta expensive (I know, that’s not a word). So for the many folks that can’t afford an M6, we can recommend another great date car for V-Day — the BMW M235i. Genuinely, you want a coupe for a date night, as it’s cooler and more exciting. The great thing about the M235i is that it’s small on the inside, making you and your date quite close, so it’s an intimate cabin. It’s also a very fun car, as there’s something about it that gives off an air of happiness. It’s the kind of car that can make a date fun and that’s one of the most important parts of a date. The BMW M235i doesn’t have the sex appeal that the M6 does and it doesn’t exude power an elegance like the M6, but it has an intimate cabin, looks great and makes for a fun date.

G Power BMW M235i 3 750x500

These are our two favorite BMW date cars, which new BMW would you choose, if you could choose any, to take your significant other on a date with?