MotoGP and BMW M Division announce a new safety car for the motorcycle racing championship. The BMW M2 MotoGP Safety Car follows on from the concept and success story of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe and the subsequent BMW 1M MotoGP Safety Car.

Since 1999, BMW M has been a permanent member of the international MotoGP family. The successful partnership with organizer Dorna Sports has grown consistently over the years, and is set to continue to run well into the future. In 2014, Dorna Sports and BMW M Division extended their cooperation up to and including 2020.


The Safety Cars are specially modified at the BMW M factory for their use as lead cars on the motorcycle racing scene. The same goes for all the other vehicles in the fleet.


The new 2016 MotoGP Safety Car shines here with an extremely eye-catching livery in the colors of BMW Motorsport and of course some modifications to prepare it for the permanent race track use. Carbon fiber part from the BMW M Performance catalog and golden details like the wheels complete the spectacular M2 Safety Car.


Inside, the rear seats have been stripped out while the front seats are now made by Recaro.


An adjustable coilover suspension the carbon fiber blades applied to the body and side skirts, the diffuser insert at the rear are just a few of the aerodynamic improvements. The racing wing, M carbon ceramic brakes and the Michelin Cup 2 tires are just some of the latest details that make this M2 a track monster.

BMW-M2-MotoGP-Safety-Car-23 BMW-M2-MotoGP-Safety-Car-22