Recently, I wrote a story titled “The 7 Best BMW Motorcycles.” Of the 7 bikes I chose, all but one were discontinued models. In fact, most of them were from the 80s or earlier.
Consequently, I decided I should construct a list of Beemers that someone could walk into their local BMW Motorrad dealer and purchase as new. This list is, of course, subjective, so make sure to share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.
5. F 800 GS -from $12,190
 BMW F 800 GS-images-10
As I’ve written before, a list such as this would be incomplete if it didn’t include a GS model. The GS range has become such an important line for BMW Motorrad since the first GS was offered in 1980, which created the adventure-touring segment. The F 800 GS was the only motorcycle on my top 7 list which is currently in production. Though the larger R 1200 GS is generally perceived as being more desirable, it too sells in greater volumes, the F 800 GS is far more nimble. The 800 variant better accommodates shorter riders as well. I’m 5’11” and find the 1200 to be a bit too tall and cumbersome to inspire confidence both on and off-road. The F 800 GS, in my opinion, strikes the perfect balance when compared to the rest of the GS line.
4. R 1200 RS -from $14,995
A proper sport-tourer, the R 1200 RS is the spiritual successor of the R 100 RS which made such a splash since its introduction in the late 70s. With sporty flair, this bike is perfectly suited for long rides whilst also keeping them interesting. The 125HP motor ensures that the rider always has power on hand and the 520lb wet weight contributes to a planted, riding on rails, sensation. Of course, all of the modern rider assists are available. In true BMW fashion, the R 1200 RS is also quite an eye catcher.
3. S 1000 R -from $13,495
So when you say S 1000 R, most mistakenly think that you’re referring to BMW’s S 1000 RR sportbike. However, the S 1000 single R is the double R’s naked-standard sibling. This bike is, in my view, one of the best road bikes available on the market as a whole. Though its engine is detuned, it still produces a powerful 160HP. For perspective, Ducati’s new 959 Panigale sportbike creates 157HP. The S 1000 R is distinctive, agile and most of all, fun. It’s sporty character is also paired with a comfortable seating position and impressive technologies, in other words; it’s uncompromising.
2. S 1000 RR -from $15,695
Okay, so you probably saw this one coming. The S 1000 RR has been shaking things up since it was first offered in 2009. It was BMW’s first real sportbike, often referred to as a supersport, and it has been keeping the competition up at night. The wet weight is a mere 449lbs and the engine produces 199HP. As you can imagine, this combination makes an explosive result. So much power and such little weight, as well as the package in which it presents it, makes the S 1000 RR, in my opinion, the best liter bike on the market today. Very well suited to use on windy back roads or on track days, like any sportbike, it isn’t very comfortable for longer rides nor for use in congested areas. The bike can reach 60mph from a standstill in a mere 2.6 seconds and seems to enjoy being pushed to its limits.
1. R nineT -from $15,095
BMW R nineT Scrambler-82
This bike had to be my number one. The engine displacement is 1,170cc but the R nineT produces a modest 110HP. Speed isn’t what this bike is all about. The R nineT is about taking the iconic R90/6 of the past and bringing it into the modern era. Great for touring, this standard is also tons of fun on the twisty roads. It’s also effortless to use in more urban environments. The upright seating position gives you great command of the bike whilst also not leading to an achy back after a long days ride, regardless of what type of riding you’re doing. It weighs only 489lbs wet, which contributes too to the bikes allure. The R nineT is very torquey, much like the older air-heads which inspired its creation. It’s exclusive, dripping with elegance, it’s the quintessential BMW motorcycle.
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