Now that BMW has finally taken the wrapping off of its hotly anticipated M2, the proper M Division variant of the 2 Series, we get all of the information we’ve been waiting so long for. One of the main questions surrounding the M2 while its hype was building was how much was it going to cost. Now that BMW’s revealed the M2, we know that it will start at $51,700 and will come with quite a lot of standard equipment. In fact, there are only a handful of options, so the BMW M2 basically comes as desired at its base price.

Before the BMW M2, the preferred Bavarian of choice was the M235i. The latter car is a fantastic sports car, being fast, fun and nimble. It embodies what BMWs are supposed to be. The only real problem with the M235i is its price. It starts at $44,150 before destination and handling, making it only $7,550 less than the full-on BMW M2.


For the extra scratch that it costs to get the M2, you get an M Division-revised chassis, bigger brakes, crazy styling and much better performance. The M2’s 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 engine makes 370 hp, or 50 more ponies than the M235i. It can also get from 0-60 mph in the low four second range, according to BMW, but we estimate it will be in the high threes. While the M235i is a great car, the M2 is the pure, distilled essence of the 2 Series and, ultimately, BMW. And it only costs the same price as a handful of M235i options.

The BMW M2 is an especially good deal when considering what it comes with as standard. 19″ wheels, heated Dakota Leather seats, satellite navigation and the Harmon & Kardon surround sound system all come as standard on the BMW M2. The only optional package is the Executive Package, which comes with a heated steering wheel, rear-view camera, park distance control, automatic high beams, Active Driving Assistant and speed limit info all for $1,250, making it a no-brainer choice. The only other options are the $550 metallic paint options and the $2,900 sevens-speed DCT transmission, which could be worth it to buyers who plan on tracking their M2, though the more desirable six-speed manual is standard. That means that you can have a fully loaded BMW M2 for $56,400, with every option ticked.


To get the BMW M235i up to the same equipment levels as a fully loaded M2, it would actually end up costing $56,410, or ten dollars more than the fully loaded M2. Hell, you can spec a 328i up to the price point. So which seems like the better deal to you?

To be able to get a fully loaded BMW M2 for less than the starting price of the BMW M3 makes the M2 one of the best performance deals on the market and the best performance deal in the BMW lineup. That’s sensational value for money if you’re looking for a performance car, as the M2 should be one of the most exciting cars on the market and it can be had for an unbelievably low price.