Second day of the press days at the Detroit Auto Show gave us the opportunity to spend more time with the new BMW M2. While on the first day there were flocks of journalists around the M2, today the new sports coupe took a slight break from the madness and posed for us.

There is not a lot that we can still discover about the M2 – at least until we get to drive it next month – but two things still worth mentioning are the following – the Long Beach Blue color looks significantly better than in the press photos and real life shots we’ve seen so far, and the body kit of the M2 clearly sets it apart from the M235i.


Yes, the fenders are not as massive as the 1M’s, but the proportions of the car just seem right. They’re tight, compact and sporty. Add to that the tuned chassis and some other goodies worked in by the M wizards and the M2 will become a track regular.


Every BMW person that has driven the M2 has been raving about its performance, and while we took some of the comments with a grain of salt, there were plenty of remarks that have shown a genuine excitement, in some cases from people that have driven the 1M many times before and swore by its purity and performance.


Laguna Seca will be the perfect track to test the M2 and we can’t wait to get behind the wheel and see what the M2 is made of.

For now, take a look at the gallery below, enjoy some cool photos and stay tuned for more M2 news!