What BMW would you like to see in 2016?

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BMW 9 Series Coupe rendering 750x500

We’re nearing the end of 2015, with New Years Day coming up in only a few days. It’s been a good year for BMW, as …

We’re nearing the end of 2015, with New Years Day coming up in only a few days. It’s been a good year for BMW, as we’ve seen the debut of some pretty amazing cars. The new 7 Series being the headliner, but the opening acts were great as well. We saw the new BMW X1, the very first front-wheel drive based BMW in North America, and the BMW 340i with the first brand-new I6 in a long time. Then, there were the announcements of the coming BMW M2, M4 GTS, 330e and an i8 Spyder. So it’s been an exciting year for BMW. But 2016 is shaping up to be even better.

All of the aforementioned cars will be coming out in 2016, like the M2 and M4 GTS, but there could be other exciting cars as well. It’s likely that we’ll see the new BMW 5 Series this coming year, as well as a possible BMW i5 or i6. There should also be information on some coming concept vehicles from BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce. So while 2015 was very good, 2016 should be even better. But out of all of these cars, which do you most want to see?

G30 5 Series BMW rendering 750x406

G30 BMW 5 Series Rendering

The upcoming BMW 5 Series could be the car you want to see. It’s such an important vehicle for BMW and one of the most popular mid-size luxury cars on the market. It will also be seeing some significant improvements from the previous model. It’s being built on the new 7 Series platform, which is a scalable platform, and will be significantly lighter thanks the platform’s Carbon Core technology. Being much lighter will enable it to handle much better than the outgoing car, which feels as heavy as it is. It will also be faster and more fuel efficient. And, considering how BMW likes to trickle technology down the model lineup, it could very well have many of the new 7 Series’ new luxury tricks up its sleeve. So the BMW 5 Series is going to be a big hit.

If you’re into electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, the upcoming BMW i5 could be what you’re most excited about. Considering the higher stakes of the EV game lately, the BMW i5 is going to be incredibly important to the Bavarian brand. With new battery and lightweight technology having been developed at BMW, the i Division’s next vehicle could be a huge step forward over the current i3. It would also give BMW a more direct competitor to Tesla, regardless if the i5 is either a pure BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) or a plug-in hybrid. We’ve only heard rumors about the i5 thus far, so actually getting some concrete information on it could be very exciting, if you’re into EVs.

bmw vision future luxury 35 750x481

But we already know those cars are coming at some point. What about cars that we don’t know for sure about or would like BMW to make? We can think of something that we hope BMW would make, the BMW 9 Series Coupe.

We’ve recently learned of rumors that BMW could be working on a luxury coupe to fit between the 7 Series and Rolls Royce Ghost. Considering that BMW doesn’t want to bring back the famous 8 Series name and doesn’t have a trademark on the 10 Series name (plus wouldn’t that look weird, a 1050i?) so it would be a 9 Series. So, with BMW using odd numbers to represent four-door vehicles, that would mean a four-door coupe, similar to the 6 Series Gran Coupe. This 9 Series luxury coupe would likely be built on a stretched version of the 7 Series platform and use technologies from the 7 Series and the Vision Future Luxury Concept. This would be one of the coolest cars that BMW has every made and would cement the Bavarian brand in the world of ultra luxury. So the car that we’d most want to see in 2016 is a potential BMW 9 Series. What about you?

15 responses to “What BMW would you like to see in 2016?”

  1. devonair says:

    An m135 hot hatch for the US ;)

  2. MAtt says:

    Hm…this is actually strange for me.
    I havent think about it until I saw this article.

    First of all, I never had money to buy new BMW.
    But, I always had “the one” I would buy if I had.
    For example from 2007 till 2010 I wanted E60 M5
    Before 2007 I wanted E46 M3

    So, if I had money that’s what I would have


    if I had let’s say 80k$
    what would I buy brand new from BMW.


    And I know nothing from future product wont be interesting to me anymore.
    It will be awesome but I just don’t want BMW as it is today.



    not BMW any more.

    I’ll rather buy 15k Fiesta and get used ///M and put 20k in new parts.
    and i have enough for fuel

  3. Icebreakerr says:

    9 series, i8 spyder, supercar

  4. Kaisuke971 says:

    A real flagship (the 7 is a dope car but doesn’t really looks like the best BMW money can buy), and a supercar ( CSL ??!). I’m not original but whatever, that’s what they need after all !

  5. Before12th says:

    M2 Convertible; M4 Soft Top Convertible; M4 Wagon; or 5 Wagon in the US — all must be six speed manual

  6. Magnus says:

    M235 and/or M2 GC
    A sporty ~190 ish bhp and 280 Nm half a six, as in 3cyl 1or 2 series GC. Maybee 118is/120is.
    Low co2, nice sound, decent performance.

  7. Stephen Garrett says:

    I would like to see the concept of a confirmed production vehicle to come from the joint project with Toyota. Because that would mean that a Supra was really happening.

    As for BMW themselves, either a good AWD 1 Series M, or a 2 GranCoupe.

  8. Senne says:

    Definitely an 8 Series and/ or 9 Series. I think that’s my favorite. If possible, also a hybrid hypercar to compete with the likes of Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren, thank you.

  9. Joe says:

    A z4 replacement…

  10. Michael Murray says:

    I wish they would bring back the bmw 840ci/850i/850ci/850csi because they are the best looking bmw in my opinion (accept the i8 of course)

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