The new BMW 7 Series takes the centerstage at the BMW Welt in Munich. With a special exhibition – under the motto “Driven by Exclusiveness” – the Bavarians are showing the infinite customization program of the G11/G12 7 Series limousine. In the separate exhibition area at the southern entrance of the BMW Welt one can find a BMW 750Li G12, while a few steps high-quality equipment and options can be admired by visitors.

Above the exhibition space floats a sail made of carbon fibers, which refers to the extensive use of high-tech material and at the same time emphasizes its lightness. The new BMW 7 Series G11 / G12 uses a Carbon Core lightweight concept that combines the carbon fiber-reinforced plastics with conventional materials such as steel and aluminum. The Carbon Core savings enable staggering numbers despite being an inch longer, the new base model manages to trim a stunning 130 kilograms (280 lbs) compared to its predecessor.


Customers who want to pick up their new 7 Series at the BMW Welt can take advantage of the “pick-up experience Luxury 7”, basically a program which includes an overnight 5-star hotel, 3-course menu and your own personal chauffeur to pick up the 7er.


In the last few years, the Mercedes S-Class has been the undefeated champion in this important luxury sedans segment. Many have tried to dethrone it, but it stood tall and fended off its opponents with grace. Now the new 7 Series is without a doubt its strongest rival and one that could take the crown away.


It has all the ingredients to achieve that: design, luxury, technology and lightweight construction.

[Source: Bimmertoday]