Today at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW revealed the new 7 Series to journalists from around the world. After a web debut last month, followed by test drives, the 2016 7 Series is now on the show floor for everyone to admire.

The amount of technology, luxury and finesse featured on the 7 Series’ cabin is simply astonishing. Customers who buy the new 7 Series may never actually drive it, but sit in the rear seats in their driveway. Same as we did today in Frankfurt.


While in photos the G11/G12 7 Series looks nothing more than a glorified F01/F02 facelift, in reality the BMW design team has done a great job improving upon an already successful design language. The sedan comes with the largest kidney grille we’ve seen on any BMW in the last decade, a 3D approach to the famous and iconic grille which now employs active slats for aerodynamic purposes. BMW says that the opening and closing of the aero slats is controlled by the computer to help with the engine cooling.

The redesigned LED headlights are slimmer and more attractive than on the previous generation 7 Series, and following the recent BMW design language, they now flow seamlessly into the kidneys. The sculpted front hood is also lower and leaner, a design approach to emphasize sportiness and dynamics. The one piece Hofmeister Kink flows elegantly across the quarter panel and fits perfectly within the 3D sculpted model around it. There’s also a new design item, an air breather, now typical of most BMWs, which has a strip of either chrome or black, depending on the Line chosen, which runs the length of the bottom of the doors.


Long gone is the Bangle-butt and the new 7 Series has one of the most attractive rears in the segment. The trunk molds perfectly into a new set of taillights which are also slimmer and beautifully sculpted, thanks to the constant improving LED technology.

BMW took a hard look at the previous generation 7 Series and decided that a game changer is needed in order for the new 7 Series to be successful in this competitive market. The new cabin makes the previous generation look outdated and simplistic, by any standards. The materials, leather and trims used are of the highest quality possible. From the moment you step inside, it becomes hard to ignore the amount of work that went into creating a viable competitor for the S-Class. The leather with ample stitching and unique design resembles the ones found in even higher-end cars and it’s as comfortable as it can get. Everything within arms reach is covered in either leather, beautifully finished wood or aluminum.


Here is a full photo gallery from Frankfurt: