The new BMW X5 M and X6 M SUVs have all functioning front grills and side vents, unlike the standard SUV models. Every opening of the X5 M has a purpose, either to cool the car or help with aerodynamic.

But there’s only one non-functioning grill/vent that some owners would like to see it replaced – the OEM rear diffuser. Jimmy, the owner of this BMW X5 M says “The fake grill/vent is very noticeable when washing the car, suds get stuck in it which takes a bit of effort to rinse it out.”

BMW F85 X5M_F86 X6M Carbon Fiber Diffuser

So naturally, he’s been looking for an aftermarket replacement. “I’ve been looking at diffuser options, which aren’t many. There’s one at the time, which costs an arm and a leg.”

BMW F85 X5M_F86 X6M Carbon Fiber Diffuser-4

The BMW F85 X5M/F86 X6M Carbon Fiber Diffuser made by RW Carbon is made of 100 percent carbon fiber using real 2×2 carbon fiber fabric, it’s extremely light – less than 3 lbs – and very rigid.

BMW F85 X5M_F86 X6M Carbon Fiber Diffuser-3

This diffuser feature 100 percent bolt on installation that does not require and special modifications to your vehicle. A lusterous clearcoat gives the diffuser a nice shine.

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