Every 2014 Rolls Royce Phantom delivered to customers went through the Rolls-Royce Bespoke individualization program, not one customer ordered the luxury car “off the shelf”. Yet, some customers are looking for even more special things. Carlex Design Europe decided to give Rolls-Royce customers even more ways to personalize their car.

Based on a Phantom Series II, the Rolls-Royce Abyss project highlights some of the special requests the shop received from their customers. The Rolls Royce Abyss can be finessed by the choice of highest quality leathers, wood and other noble materials also the key as a permanent element of the vehicle must reflect the unique style.


The key was handcrafted from 24k gold and exotic leather covered with gold flakes. The idea was to metamorphose the standard object and instead create harmony between the bespoke luxurious car and remarkable key.


The steering wheel was covered with over one kilogram of pure sterling silver. To go even further, the steering wheel had been trimmed using shark skin known for its distinctive texture.


The alloy wheels have been specially designed in 3D to fulfill the whole vision.