Cars like the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 have been battling it out for quite a long time now. It’s been nearly 30 years since the debut of the A4 and the two cars have been at each other’s throats ever since. The newcomer to this group is the Jaguar XE and it’s worth the entry into the segment and is considered by many to be the best in the segment. Well Auto Express pit these three sports sedans against each other in this latest video to find out which is best.

The B9 generation Audi A4, which has yet to debut in the US, is considerably better than the car it replaces. The current B8 model is far too long in the tooth to be competitive in the segment any longer, especially with newcomers like the Jag. But the new B9 is proving to be worthy competition. It’s based on Audi’s new MLB platform and is significantly lighter and stiffer than the outgoing car. It has a 2.0 liter turbocharged TDI diesel four-cylinder engine develops 187 hp paired to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic that powers all four wheels, via Audi’s famed Quattro system. This allows it to get from 0-60 mph in 7 seconds flat, which isn’t bad for a 2.0 TDI engine (save the diesel jokes). The A4’s real party trick is its interior, which is simply fantastic.

The BMW 3 Series has recently gotten its LCI refresh but, other than that, it’s not very new. This tested model was a BMW 320d, with the exact same 187 hp as the Audi A4 coming from a similarly sized 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine. The Bimmer is a touch slower to 60 mph, doing the sprint in 7.1 seconds. However, the BMW makes its power lower in the rev range, allowing it to feel a bit quicker and its gearing is better so there’s less need to downshift at high speed as there is in the Audi. The 320d’s interior is very handsome, but it isn’t as nice as the cabin on the A4. On the outside, the 320d is the winner, as Audi’s new A4 design isn’t much different from the old one. It’s not bad looking, just boring nowadays. The Bimmer is the handler of the two as well, being sharper and more agile to drive, despite the A4 being very good in its own right.


But then comes the Jaguar XE. The newcomer has the best looks by far, though the interior could use some work, and is the cheapest. However, it’s also the slowest. Though it is the most efficient. It also can handle, with many enthusiasts saying it can out-hustle the BMW 3 Series. According to Auto Express, the Jaguar XE is the best car of the bunch, due to its superior handling, lower price and added efficiency. They didn’t name a second or third place, but judging by their comments, it seemed as if the 320d came in second with the Audi A4 trailing in 3rd.

All three of these cars are excellent and you’d be hard pressed to find any real complaints with any of them. Though, Auto Express did have to pick a winner and they chose the Jaguar XE. The BMW 320d seems like the better all-rounder, thanks to its better interior, more cargo and trunk space and more power, but I guess the Jag had a home field advantage. The A4 got very little love, though. It was comfortable, had a great ride, handled really well, was the fastest of the bunch and had by far the best interior. We’ll have to see how they stack up when we can eventually get our paws on one, but for now it seems as if Auto Express got this one mostly right.

[Source: AutoExpress]