If we were to bet our money on something next year is that the new BMW M2 will become the tuning industry’s darling. Currently the new M3 and M4 are without a doubt the most tuned and hyped BMWs, but nothing excites the tuners more than a compact M car that offers so much potential. The 1M was one of those cars – but due to its limited numbers – it was never really around much the tuning shops.

The M2 is going to be produced in higher numbers – our sources say more than 11,000 (unconfirmed) for its entire lifecycle – so we will get to see many of those “baby-Ms” being tuned and modified to an extreme. The game is on and aftermarket companies from around the world are already hyping up the M2. Last one to do so is Manhart Racing – known for extravagant projects – who just put out a rendering of an M2 model in a beautiful yellow color with a carbon fiber hood – plus a powerdome – and carbon fiber roof.


Other visual upgrades include a carbon fiber splitter and carbon fiber air curtains, along with a set of black custom wheels with yellow calipers peaking behind them.

But that’s not all. The German shop also promises a significant power upgrade – 80 horsepower – for a total of 450 hp. The power boost is achieved through ECU remapping – the easiest Stage 1 solution – paired with a custom exhaust system and catless downpines.

Their project is dubbed MH2450 and it’s likely to appear in summer of 2016.