At the international media launch of the new 2016 BMW 7 Series, we sat down for an interview (video to publish shortly) with Karim Habib, the charismatic BMW chief designer in charge of all things BMW. Among many design topics, we chatted with Habib on the new 7 Series, its design, technology and ultimate luxury.

The new 7 Series was launched under a new, unofficial slogan – “Driving Luxury” – a subtle hint at BMW’s favorite Ultimate Driving Machine slogan and the new combination of driving dynamics and luxury cars.


Much like the current segment leader, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the new 7 Series’ main priority is the passengers inside of it. The way it looks on the outside is far less important than the way it looks and feels on the inside and for the interior, BMW has spared no expense.

The amount of technology, luxury and finesse featured on the 7 Series’ cabin is simply astonishing. Customers who buy the new 7 Series may never actually drive it, but sit in the rear seats in their driveway.


But this is just the beginning for BMW. Historically, some of the innovations found on the 7 Series eventually trickled down to other models as well, and Habib believes this trend will continue.

“The level of finesse and quality quality that we have now in the 7 Series interior, you will find that in the new BMWs coming out on the streets,” Habib says. “The sporty driver-oriented interior will always be part of BMW’s character, identity, but we know found ways where we can combine that sportiness with that level of quality and finesse and refinement that is expected today of a car luxury manufacturer like BMW.”


BMW’s next-gen 5 Series – the G30 – is likely to be the first model to feature many of the 7 Series tech and high-quality materials and craftsmanship, but other models, like the X family, are also strong candidates for new, luxury interior designs.