The 7 Series is BMW’s flagship model and the one car that historically has brought BMW’s latest innovations to the market. The G11/G12 7 Series launches this month and gives the consumers twenty six new features which will eventually trickle down to other models.

The first one to take advantage of some of this new tech is the 2017 BMW 5 Series. Our sources say the G30/G31 family will get most of the interior goodies that G11/G12 7 Series introduces: remote parking with the smart touchscreen keyfob, gesture control, Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system, ambient light and fragrance air system.

Other features like WiFi Hotsport, wireless phone charging and AppleCar play are also on the list.

Inside the cabin we will see the new iDrive system with touchscreen and gesture-based functions, the over-the-air updates for the car and other gimmicks that will bring ConnectedDrive philosophy to a new level. We even predict a self-opening tailgate as you approach the car with a cell phone or a keyfob in your packet.

Autonomous functions will be the center of future BMWs, and by that we don’t necessarily mean self-driving car, but rather individual, interconnected features that automate some of the driver-performed functions today. The new 5 Series will not only park itself, but change lanes and overtake on the driver’s behalf. It’ll use radar-based cruise control to stay in its lane, detect a car ahead, and signal before pulling out and passing the car in front.

BMW will unveil the new 5 Series in the second half of 2016.

[Rendering: TopSpeed]