Bimmerfest is one of the biggest enthusiast-driven car shows for BMW in the entire country. Held in different locations through the US, thousands of enthusiasts show up every year to display, look at or sell something related to our favorite Bavarian brand.

Just recently, Bimmerfest took place in Englishtown, New Jersey at Raceway Park. It was an exciting day, filled with some of the very best BMWs ever made on display, custom-modded BMWs and some fun racing. The event is split up into four sections, the car show section, vendor section, the races and the swap meet section. Each had its own unique crowd with plenty to do and see.


The car show section is pretty self explanatory. It’s the section where people bring their awesome, rar, and/or modded BMWs to display to all of the enthusiastic BMW fans. Here, you’ll see some of the most iconic BMWs, some of the most expensive BMWs and some of the most creatively customized BMWs. It’s genuinely a sight to see. You’ll see everything from BMW i8s to off-road ready lifted BMW X5s. Almost all of the enthusiasts who display their cars are willing to talk about them and tell you its whole life story. The car show is a lot of fun.


The vendor section is filled with just that, vendors. Companies from all over the world display their products under big tents with demonstrations and pretty girls. This part is cool, too, because you’ll see some of the most high-end companies showing off what they can create. Turner Motorsports was there with a particularly interesting BMW i8, done up in TM’s classic color scheme. If you’re looking for ways to customize your BMW, the vendor section is for you.


Obviously, we know what the races are. There are a couple of different races you’re allowed to watch or partake in. There’s an autocross track setup in the parking lot and drag racing. People from all over the east coast came down to drag race, or autocross, their prized BMWs to see how they compete with so many other BMW enthusiasts across the east coast. It was fun to watch the variety of cars racing. There were brand new BMW M4s, E60 530i Estates, E30 M3s and even an M6 Gran Coupe. It isn’t as much about lap times as it is about having fun, which makes it even more fun to watch.


The swap meet is where enthusiasts go to sell BMW parts. This is a bit different from the vendors because it isn’t companies selling the parts, it’s just enthusiasts. So, if you’re looking for something specific for your BMW, but don’t want to spend full price on a brand new one, it’s likely you’ll find it there. Looking for a S50 intake manifold for your S52/S50 manifold swap, look no further as someone will have you covered. Looking for that oddball part that you can’t find online, the swap meet will probably have it somewhere. Need just one seat for your BMW but can’t find one, just go to Bimmerfest. So the swap meet is an interesting place to find, buy and sell parts as well as meeting BMW enthusiasts who are as interested in modding as you are.


All in all, Bimmerfest is a cool place to be if you’re a BMW enthusiast. For just $15, the cost of general admission, you can witness all of this all day. It costs a bit more if you want to be a vendor or have your car in the show or race, but to just witness the BMW show that is Bimmerfest, it’s a relatively low price. It’s just an all around fun day if you like BMWs. If you haven’t gone to one yet, I’d highly recommend it.