Turner Motorsport kicks off their BMW i8 project with a series of visual and body upgrades that aim to create a unique car on the road.

First, the car gets a yellow vinyl wrap paired with striking blue accents and a set of blue wheels. The Forgeline AR1 Forged Wheels for i8 are an exciting evolution in Forgeline monoblock styling, with a very angular split spoke pattern, extra-deep concave profile, and radically-chamfered outer edge, perfect for the i8.

Since suspension tuning is their specialty, Turner Motorsport wanted to make sure the i8 handled as good as it looks.


To start, they contacted H&R springs to get some sport springs for the i8 to lower the center of gravity and slightly increase the spring rate without negatively impacting the fantastic ride. In addition to the springs, Turner decided to install some camber adjustment arms to dial a little more negative camber into the front wheels to help with the pushy-ness of the i8 from the factory. The company says the combination made a huge improvement and that the i8 is a blast on any corner.


This is an ongoing project, so more updates will follow in the next few weeks.