We heard it through the grapevine that the BMW will unveil the M2 compact sportscar in October. Many of us had high hopes for an unveil this week at the Monterey Car Week, but it seems BMW has other plans for the highly-awaited M2. Frankfurt Auto Show is also off the table, so likely the first public appearance of the M2 will be either at LA Auto Show in November or January 2016 in Detroit. An LA reveal will bring the M2 to one of the largest M markets in the world, while a snowy Detroit reveal will follow the steps of the 1M, so both options are plausible.

If the 1M recipe is being followed, then we expect a few M2 online teasers in the upcoming weeks. The market launch is still scheduled for March-April 2016.


The launch color palette will be limited. Our sources couldn’t say how many and what colors will be added in the future, but at the launch, the M2 customers will get to pick from four paint jobs: Long Beach Blue, Alpine White, Mineral Grey and Black Sapphire. The official color is said to be Long Beach Blue so expect to see the first marketing photos sporting the beautiful blue shade.

BMW’s M2 will be powered by the N55 TwinScroll turbocharged engine with some components from the S55 engine. One of them is the oil pump found in the M-developed engine. The power output is 365 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque. The engine has an overboost function just like the 1M, good for 25 lb-ft of torque.

Stay tuned this week as we bring you exclusive BMW M photos from Pebble Beach and hopefully some more news around the M2.