2011 NAIAS – BMW 1M World Premiere

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Breaking from Detroit, BMW has released their new 1M sports car on North American shores. The long awaited BMW 1M features cost effective engineering solutions …

Breaking from Detroit, BMW has released their new 1M sports car on North American shores. The long awaited BMW 1M features cost effective engineering solutions (ie. part sharing) to provide enthusiasts with the M experience at a more affordable price.

BMW’s 1M packs 340 hp spun from the N54 twin-turbo 3 liter inline six. 332 lb-ft of torque is on tap from low in the rev range, and in harmony with the M limited-slip differential, we see this as a recipe for tail out fun.

BMW intends to open the M brand up to a larger, younger demographic with the 1M – hoping to capture the M5 buyers of tomorrow.

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Our editor Hugo Becker shares with us his first impressions of the 1M:

“The new 1 Series M in person is a bit more subtle than one feared (boy racer this isn’t). The front and rear fascia show the most distinction from the existing 1 series along with the flying biplane M3 side mirrors.

Where the difference between the existing 1 and the 1M really shows is in the wheels and brakes. The brakes have a very serious appearance – the floating calipers showing well even up against the stylish Brembos on the regular 135i.

The most striking element of the 1M is the the Valencia Orange paint. It is a polarizing color, more so than the Sedona Red launch color of the 1 Series. Fortunately it is also available in black or white.”

Be sure to check out our exclusive photo gallery from Detroit, and stick around for a video walk around of the 1M later today.

8 responses to “2011 NAIAS – BMW 1M World Premiere”

  1. That’s quite smart of BMW to tap into the younger market; once they start making more money they’ll become M5 buyers. I like the wheels on the 1M and I can see why the orange color would be polarizing. I’m personally not a huge fan of it.

  2. Babken says:

    The long-awaited? You must be kidding. The 1M is another nonsense made by BMW alongside the Vision (after I saw the parameters of Porsche 918). An absolutely underpowered car for today’s automotive world. IMO, there was no need in making a 1M coupe or Vision at all. Instead they could make those investments in other projects. For example in decreasing the weight of their new models.

    • wazon8 says:

      Man, you’re a troll. You don’t even bother to read comments that explained miestery of 918 fuel consumption and keep spreading around what a nonsense project VED is. The problem is that what Porsche provided is calculation of MINIMAL consumption, which next to slow driving (something close to impossible in supercar) requires – again (sic!) – slow driving on electric mode. After meeting these two constraints, you get 3.0l/100km. But the problem is that nobody will do that in this car. Contrary to that, VED has 3.7l/100km consumption, while drove normally. It’s its average fuel consumption. So, Porsche made great supercar, but not the car that could be fast and incredibely efficient. It will use as much fuel as you can expect from modern downsized pethrol V8. Maybe you should read something about combustion process in engine, that would explain you, why so many of us couldn’t get how is it possible to achieve such fuel consumption with V8.

  3. Otto says:

    “N54 twin-turbo 3 liter inline six”

    It’s TwinPower, not twin turbo.
    I let you find out the difference.
    If you can’t find out, I’ll tell you but only if you promise to stop posting those hundreds of useless photos.

    • bob says:

      What do you mean?

      It’s my understanding that the 1M uses the N54…which is a twin-turbo 3.0L inline 6cyl.

      The N55 uses a single twin-scroll turbo. But ///M GmbH decided upon the N54 not the N55.

      Am I missing something here???

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