Worldwide sales of BMW i3 and i8 exceed 30,000 units in 2015

BMW i | July 10th, 2015 by 31
BMW i3 and BMW i8 Concept 750x500

At the end of the first half of 2015, the BMW i sub-brand has cracked another important mark: Over 30,000 copies of the BMW i3 …

At the end of the first half of 2015, the BMW i sub-brand has cracked another important mark: Over 30,000 copies of the BMW i3 and BMW i8 have been sold since their market launch.

Even though the two innovative vehicles with carbon fiber passenger cell are still not available in all planned markets planned, the sales have been nothing short of positive. The fully planned market launch will be completed in August. The BMW i sales figures in June 2015 amounted to a total of 2,017 vehicles, around 65 percent higher than the same month last year. In the first half of 2015, 12,500 BMW i vehicles were sold – last year only 5,405 were purchased.

BMW i3 made its debut in Germany in November 2013 and was introduced over the next few months in various markets.

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Worldwide, there were 26,205 BMW i3 electric vehicles sold; 9,846 i3 units in the current year.

The highly popular BMW i8 had a great start as well. 4,456 units of the plug-in hybrid sports car have been reported sold worldwide, with more sales expected as soon as production ramps up.

[Source: Bimmertoday]

31 responses to “Worldwide sales of BMW i3 and i8 exceed 30,000 units in 2015”

  1. CDspeed says:

    Just think what would happen if they went after Tesla, instead of wasting time with Toyota……….

    • Ken says:

      Tesla is destroying the BMW electrics in sales in the US because the BMW tech is so far behind.
      Tesla outsold the i3 5 to 1 this month even though the i3 is less than half the price.
      Tesla has also outsold the i3 about 3 to 1 in the US for the entire year.

      And that is all with Tesla being supply constrained and doing no advertising.

      • CDspeed says:

        I still think it’s funny that BMW who is famous for sport sedans, doesn’t build an electric sport sedan. It’s not like BMW can’t build a great hatcback, but where is the electric BMW that resembles a BMW.

      • Tum Tunthatakas says:

        “Tesla is destroying the BMW electrics in sales in the US because the BMW tech is so far behind.”

        Ken, I think the opposite, that Tesla is actually behind BMW in the actual cars.

        In terms of manufacturing, BMW uses the most advanced manufacturing currently available on the market including inventing a whole new way to use carbon fiber. Tesla uses the tried and true aluminum construction using commodity 5000 series aluminum. This would have been innovative in 1999, but even the Ford F-150 uses more advanced 7000 series aluminum.

        In terms of electronics, the i3 has had adaptive cruise control and automated parallel parking, for example, since launch the european launch in November 2013. Tesla Model S didn’t even have these, pretty standard luxury car conveniences, until the 6.0 update in October 2014.

        I think Tesla does have an advantage in hype, being first to market and having brand cache. After an extensive teardown, Monro & Associates called the i3 “Most Advanced Vehicle on the Planet” and if you read some of their findings, I think you will agree.

        • Ken says:

          Wrong. Tesla already made a carbon fiber car over 5 years ago so BMW is, at least that far behind.

          The i3 is slow and unpleasant to look at it. It is a total fail in sales in the US selling only about 500 cars last month even after price cuts and massive incentives which is a joke. No one here wants one because it is so far behind in tech and terribly overpriced.

          A tiny eco box with a claustrophobic back seat and a very poor range that even Nissan achieved years earlier is hardly the most advanced car on the planet.

          The Tesla is not hype in any way. It has the highest overall quality rating in the history of Consumer Reports. It has the highest Customer Satisfaction rating in the history of Consumer Reports. It is the fastest accelerating car an the planet and has the best safety record of any car company on earth.

          The Tesla has outsold all gas cars in its class in the US and is also the top selling EV. It outsold the i3 by more than 5 to 1. That’s Tesla destroying BMW – not the other way around

          Those are the facts – not hype.

          Tesla crushes the BMW in every way.

          • Jake Carter says:

            Where are you getting the i3 is “slow”. Compared to what? And do you mean top speed or acceleration?

          • Ken says:

            I’m getting it from the specs. Both the acceleration and top speed.

          • jelloslug says:

            Talk about someone that has no idea what they are talking about….

          • Ken says:

            I have posted facts.

            You have posted nothing except a demonstration of your stupidity. LOL!

            You have completely failed to prove any of the facts I posted untrue.

            But I’m sure ‘You have completely failed’ is an expression you hear many times a day.

          • jelloslug says:

            “Tesla made a carbon fiber car”

            No, They hung carbon fiber panels on a Lotus.

            “The i3 is slow”

            0-60 is under 6.4 second and 0-30 is faster than most cars on the road.

            “and ugly”

            The is has won so many design awards that is difficult to count them all.

            “Total failing in sales”

            Last year it was in the top US sellers despite only being available for half the year and this year it will be the same. All EVs are down this year for a variety of reasons.

            “A tiny eco box with a claustrophobic back seat and a very poor range…”

            Having actually owned a Leaf and an i3 the seating, front and rear is much better both in legroom and in head room.

            Yes, the Model S is an awesome car but comparing them is apples and oranges. Considering that it’s unlikely you have even sat in most EVs I will restate my current assessment of your opinion:

            Talk about someone that has no idea what they are talking about….

            I will also add:

            Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.

          • Ken says:

            You just made a fool of yourself – again.

            The Tesla Roadster’s body was made of carbon fiber 5 years before the backward tech i3 – exactly as I said.

            6.4 seconds is not the least bit impressive and is more than twice the time of the Tesla.

            And the back seat of the i3 is claustrophobic – exactly as I said.

            From Clean Technica: “Terrible/claustrophobic accommodations for rear passengers.
            Huge, ugly, inoperable window in back instead of something smaller that actually opens — FURTHER instilling the feeling of suffocating rear-seat passengers.”

            And now more about how ugly it is:

            From Slate: “BMW i3 review: Electric car is a cheap, ugly Tesla Model S …”

            From Forbes: “With all due respect, the BMW i3 is an ugly duckling…”

            From Plug In Cars: “Did BMW Screw Up Visual Design of i3 Electric Car?”

            So, yeah, it’s ugly. It doesn’t matter how many ‘design awards’ it has won – real people and real journalists think it is ugly.

            That is just one of the reasons it is a fail in sales. And, yes it is a fail – a big fail.

            Just counting the months both were for sale last year, the Leaf beat the i3 is sales by about 4 to 1. Even the Tesla outsold it by more than 2 to 1. That should not be happening with the Tesla being more than twice as expensive. That is a fail for the i3. That is not successful in any way.

            This year has been much worse for the i3 – even after desperate price cuts and incentives. The Tesla has now outsold the i3 by 5 to 1. The i3 has only broken 1000 cars sold for only one month all year and the sales trend is clearly downward which is another total fail since it has only been for sale for about a year.

            Hint: A successful car’s sales go up instead of down. You know, the way the Tesla’s sales go up.

            For the last 3 months the i3 is pathetically selling an average of about 590 cars a month in the US.

            Anyone with even a 5th grade knowledge of economics understands that is a complete fail.

            And the i3 is even failing in its own home country:

            From Inside EVs: 5 Reasons Why BMW i3 Is Not A Sales Success In Germany

            I have proved you a fool – again. And you have completely failed to prove any of your claims – again.

            You have no idea what you are talking about and are just desperately trying to convince yourself that the car you bought is not failing – but it is.

          • cros13 says:

            Sorry Ken, you definitely don’t know what you are talking about.

            I work in R&D… as an engineer… with both Li batteries and custom carbon fiber components. I’ve dipped my toes in everything from autonomous vehicles to aerospace over the years. I had a deposit down on a Model S and took several test drives but ended up cancelling my Model S 85 order in favor of a top-spec i3. I also own a Leaf and bar the Fisker Karma and Mia electric I’ve driven pretty much every EV and PHEV on the market at some point.

            Carbon fiber body panels hung on a standard frame (the old Tesla roadster and many cars before it) are an entirely different story from building the frame (i.e the bit that structurally matters) from CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer) AND make it modular so that it can be repaired instead of entirely written off after every minor accident AND acing euro-NCAP tests of side impact and occupant safety (the loss of the fifth star was due to a combination of a pedestrian safety penalty due to the shape of the bonnet and what proved to be an incorrect assessment of the sales numbers for the collision avoidance and pedestrian warning and AEB, if either one of those had been rectified the i3 would be the highest scoring car ever to complete Euro-NCAP bar the Volvo V40) AND doing it for less than a tenth of the cost of traditional carbon fiber (how would an i3 sound if it would cost €250,000 and you couldn’t insure it because repair costs are too high).

            The i3 has more interior space in the passenger cell than the BMW 3 series. Fits four 190cm adults in considerable comfort. The i3 is VERY roomy for a european city car. Maybe not to the average american… but the average american should eat fewer cheeseburgers.

            You’re ugly. whoops… that’s just an opinion. As are your quotes. The people who seem to have that opinion tend to have some ideal vision in their head for what a car “should” look like. The Model S uses the massive bonnet it has up front as an extra trunk (because the massive main trunk wasn’t enough?) but functionally it has no real purpose beyond being a massive crumple zone. It has conventional looks largely to reassure people even though it adds weight and costs range. The i3 is built for purpose, it is unapologetic about what it is. Most people seem to like the i3, I get a lot of thumbs up on the road and often come back to my car to find people taking selfies with it.

            i3 sales in Germany have been poor because up until May there was no rapid charging network in Germany worth speaking of. And no incentives whatsoever for purchasers. Most countries are much higher than expected sales of the i3… in Norway (Tesla’s biggest market outside the US I might add) the i3 is the best selling BMW model. Myself, I had to wait well over a year for my car while my own country’s BMW division negotiated more production slots. We don’t have the financial incentives of Norway but we have the rapid charging network. BMW is doubling the size of the factory in Leipzig FFS. i3 sales aren’t down, they are up, worldwide sales are the only sales numbers that matter. Plus the US i3 is a pale shadow of the European i3 with lots of features (Autonomous Cruise with lane keeping, rEx fuel capacity driver control of the rEx etc. etc.) locked out by your local laws, and the near total lack of a rapid charging network isn’t a help either.

            The Model S is a great car taken as a whole, but outside of the excellent powertrain design and the software there is nothing that special about it. It’s a bog standard aluminium chassis built in a former toyota factory, much of the interior trim is fairly poor. The controls and some trim are OEM parts from Daimler. The battery pack is massive… which is great… for both feeding the motors and rapid charging but the i3’s Samsung cells are a generation ahead with 5C continuous charge and up to 7C peak, split into eight modules which are balanced and managed with individual BMS (battery management system) units. These modules have integrated heating pads and channels for a very advanced gaseous refrigerant to circulate through the pack to maintain performance. The Model S battery is just a big block of cells in a liquid coolant bath. The i3 battery is 22kWh and has a design life of 20 years, the Model S battery is usually 85 kWh and compensates for Panasonic’s more primitive chemistry and cell design by having enough cells that losing a few isn’t that noticeable.

            But the main reason I didn’t go for the Model S is it’s a massive land barge as wide as a delivery truck and that makes it impossible to park in a european city.

            Have you ever even driven any of these cars IRL? I’m fairly sure you haven’t. So you have strong opinions but no actual direct knowledge… and people should bother reading your posts because…..?

          • Ken says:

            You are clearly a moron and a liar.

            The fact that you bought Fisker Karma proves you have no engineering background because that car was one of the worst designed jokes in history. Anyone who had made it through the 5th grade could have explained that to you. LOL!

            Only a drooling idiot with no knowledge of engineering would ever buy one.

            You definitely seem to be attracted to failure since you also bought an I3 – or so you claim. You’re really racking up the fails! LOL!

            The interior of the Model S is actually better designed and more ergonomic than any car on earth. Again, you don’t seem smart enough to understand this.

            The interior was just one of the reasons the Model S received the highest overall quality score in the history of Consumer Reports along with the highest Customer Satisfaction scores in history with more people claiming they would buy the Model S again than any car in history. Consumer Reports is not wrong – you are.

            No one else has been able to build a battery that is able to deliver Tesla’s range and speed. They are litteraly years ahead of every other manufacturer so your claims are another pathetic fail.

            The Tesla is actually smaller than the flagship Mercedes or BMW and they do just fine in European cities so your incompetent claims are more proof that you are both a liar and droolingly stupid.

            It is a lie to say most people like the i3 because it is a total fail in sales in both the US and Germany. To claim it is not is just another moronic lie from you and your excuses for its failure are desperate and pathetic. The Leaf sold just fine, crushing the ugly i3, so your points are just more brain dead drivel from you.

            The Tesla outsells this ugly, slow, tiny fail of a car by more than 5 to 1. All those people aren’t stupid – you are. If you want to see what getting lots of thumbs ups really means – test drive a Tesla. (I know you can’t actually afford one)

            Your pathetically desperate excuses for the i3’s failure to earn a decent crash test rating is also a fail. The car is not safe. It is another BMW design fail along with its looks and performance. It’s as simple as that. If you want a safe car, drive a Tesla which has the best safety ratings possible in both Europe and the US along with the best real world safety record of any car company on the planet after over a billion miles driven – exactly as the safety tests predicted.

            I owned a Roadster since 2010 and a P85D since I traded in my P85 this last December. I have driven some of the most expensive cars on earth and they don’t hold a candle to the Tesla. It is faster than a Ferrari while being smoother than a $330,000 Rolls Royce.

            You don’t seem to have an IQ high enough to even afford an i3, so it is unlikely you even have one. Maybe a used Corolla from the 90s, perhaps.
            Be honest. You have not been able to pull off pretending to be intelligent. Your post indicates an IQ of about 70.

            Consumer Reports, Forbes, Clean Techinica, Plug In Cars and Slate and the vast majority of the public are not wrong about the i3 – you are.

            Try and catch up, genius. And stop lying. You’re not smart enough to fool anyone.

          • cros13 says:

            Jeez, you can’t even read. Where did I say that I bought a Karma? I literally stated in the post that I’d never even driven a Karma.

            There’s only one liar here and it’s not me… f8ck off back under your bridge troll.

          • Ken says:

            I posted facts that you have completely failed to prove untrue.

            Failure seems to be a way of life for you. LOL!

            So f*ck off yourself, low IQ liar.

          • Jake Carter says:

            Why are you feeding this troll? We have the i3, we like it, who gives a damn what others think of it? I feel no need to justify my decision of seek the approval of such obvious troll bait.


      • Max says:

        Ken please tell me:
        Who wants a 4600lb+ car with cheap interior and cheap copied ipad ui for almost 90k? Are you blind? Have you ever driven that boat? The i3 drives circles around it. Its also a completely different approach btw. The i3 is an MCV, just for you who has no clue.

        When Tesla would step out of their niche, they will get in such a big trouble. At the moment you can’t even call them a car manufacturer with their 30k/year, its just nothing! They don’t have a dealer network like all the others, they have nothing, just a big hype. As soon as battery technology will improve and all real manufacturers come with more milage to their EVs and plug in hybrids this hype will disappear as fast as it appeared.

        • Ken says:

          You just proved yourself extremely dim and also quite delusional.

          The answer to who wants a Tesla is 5 times more people than want the the i3.

          The answer to who wants a Tesla is people that want the car with the highest overall quality scores in Consumer Reports history, highest customer satisfaction scores in CR’s history, the fastest acceleration of any car on the planet and best safety record of any car company on earth.

          The Tesla not only crushes the i3 is sales, it also has outsold all gas cars in its class. Even with no discounts or advertising the Tesla still has a waiting list. That’s not ‘nothing’, that’s beating every other car manufacturer in their class, stupid.

          Tesla has dealerships and service centers that actually all out-rate every other dealership and even independent service center in the country – so that is another thing you are completely wrong about, genius.

          All other car makers are about 5 years behind Tesla in battery design. By the time they get their long range batteries to market, Tesla will already have a vastly superior battery.

          Tesla keeps breaking its own sales records again and again so it is not going anywhere, dopey.

          Meanwhile the i3 is a slow, poorly designed ugly sails fail. I guess that is a ‘different approach’. LOL!
          Who wants and i3? Only around 500 people in the entire US last month. That is a total embarrassment especially after all the desperate discounts and incentives. No that is what ‘nothing’ looks like, moron!

          You’ve just been proven incredibly stupid. Great job! LOL!

          • Max says:

            I can’t discuss with someone who writes bullshit the whole day and says “LOL”. See you in 5 years, when Tesla disappears ;)

          • Ken says:

            Facts are not bullshit.

            Bullshit is what is between your ears, dopey.

            You have completely failed to show any facts that show my facts untrue because you can’t.

            You lost and now you pathetically run away.

            See you in 5 years, long after the failing i3 has completely ceased to be. LOL!

  2. coreperformance says:

    I have been a Tesla fan since 2011. Shareholder since 2012. I’ve driven them, and they are beautiful and elegant, and spacious. And way out of my price range.

    I bought an i3 last week. It is quick, amazingly manuverable, adorably quirky-looking, and easy to park in tight spaces.

    Tesla and BMW i don’t need to fight – there’s plenty of room for both.

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