BMW M2 doesn’t have to be a mini-M4

BMW M2 | July 8th, 2015 by 9
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Good things come in small packages. The old adage can easily be applied to BMW as a company. Many of the best BMWs are often …

Good things come in small packages. The old adage can easily be applied to BMW as a company. Many of the best BMWs are often the ones with the least amount of space between the axles. Small Bimmers have often been some of the most fun and engaging cars on the road to drive, even if they weren’t always the best of value. This is why the upcoming BMW M2 is probably the most highly anticipated BMW since the F80 M3. The M2 is looked at as the second coming of the transcendent 1 Series M. Which is exactly what it may become, but as such, won’t appeal to the masses.

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The 1 Series M was a car that many people wanted but didn’t get, due to low production numbers and the idea that the E92 M3 was much better value. There are several people who liked the idea of the 1 Series M, but couldn’t come to terms with buying it because of the fact that it had less horsepower and was slower than the M3 but cost only marginally less. So those people ended up in M3s. The very same thing may happen with the M2, as it’s likely to be a worse value, on paper, than the M3 or M4. But there are a few folks, special and lucky folks, who will disregard the value proposition of the two cars and just buy the M2 because it offers the exact driving experience they desire and nothing more.

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See, not everyone needs a fully loaded car, with Full Merino leather and Adaptive everything or Parking Assists. Some people just want a small and nimble performance car that can put a grin on their face like no other car can. And these people are willing to pay a price premium for such an experience, even if it means losing out on a few options that come standard on cars costing just a bit more. Many of these fun-loving enthusiasts might even be willing to add these extra options to the M2, inflating the price beyond what an M3 or M4 would cost, just because they want that precise car.

For instance, a customer might want an Individual M2 so badly that they spend significantly more on it than an M3 would have cost. On paper, they’d be getting the worse deal because the M2 is the inferior car to the M3 by the numbers; it’s smaller, has less power and probably won’t be as fast. But to those M2 lovers, none of that matters, because the M2 will be the superior driving car in their eyes, making them grin like no other, and you can’t put a price tag on that. But BMW is hoping for that, BMW wants there to be only a few people crazy, and brilliant, enough to want to buy such an M2.

Like the 1 Series M, the M2 will be made in low production numbers, the rumor is around 10,000 units for the entire lifecycle. It won’t be to anywhere near as limited as the 1 Series M, but will be far less produced than the M3 and M4. This will allow BMW to sell out of M2s while the rest of the wanting customers get into M3s and M4s. BMW doesn’t want overproduction of a car that most people deem to be poor value, much like what happened to the Z4M Coupe many moons ago. So BMW should, and probably will, allow as much customization to the M2 as possible, thus allowing customers to have their exact M2, value be damned.

So the M2, much like the 1 Series M before it, will be a car limited to only the people that can truly appreciate it. It will be a car for people who value fun and driving enjoyment above all else and couldn’t care less how much it costs. The M2 will be of very specific taste, one that’s only had by the truest of car enthusiasts. There’s a quote that goes “Life’s too short to drink cheap wine”. I agree with this and like to alter it a bit by saying “Life’s too short to drive boring cars”. So I applaud those few lucky enthusiasts to have the taste and courage to buy the M2, however they like, price and value be damned.

9 responses to “BMW M2 doesn’t have to be a mini-M4”

  1. Locke42 says:

    Oh man, if BMW makes an M2 with adaptive cruise control, it WILL be my next car. It’s the only reason I went with an Audi A3 instead of a BMW M235.

    I know car enthusiasts seem to frown upon any kind of “assist” tech, but in an urban rush hour environment, stop & go ACC is SUCH a big stress-reliever. Even more when it’s paired with slow-speed lane assist. Putting these features on a performance car transforms it into a true all-around car that doesn’t have to compromise on anything.

    • Michael Christopher Frazier IV says:

      how long are you spending in rush hour traffic? i commute about 2.5 hours a day in LA traffic and I never once gone with an Audi over a BMW because BMW didn’t offer ACC on a model ………………………….. and I’ve survived …………………………….

      • Locke42 says:

        “Surviving is not the same as living.” :P

        I spend as much time in LA traffic as you. You chose sportiness in a city clogged in gridlock, while I chose convenience with just enough sportiness to make a day in the canyons fun.

    • Icebreakerr says:

      It will have adaptive cruise control thats standard now. start stop is annyoing as fuck hate it ruins the engine tbh

    • Max says:

      How can you like ACC during heavy traffic? I commute 45min on the GSP in NJ every day and when I would use that, this will be even more stressy because people will always move over in front of me, because the ACC gap is too big. If this is the only reason to buy an RS3 over an M235i, you are not a BMW fan, this car is so much better, at best in manual with RWD, way more fun than a stupid AWD RS3…

      • Locke42 says:

        If you’ve got ACC on, why would you care if someone moves in front of you? Just let the system do its job; your car slows down by 1-2mph for a few seconds (imperceptible at full highway speeds), and then you’re back at normal speed again.

        Also, I’m not a BMW fan, I’m a car fan, and I prefer a car that is fun to drive but can still do everything else really well (A3/S3/RS3) over a car that is REALLY fun to drive but can’t do anything else well (2-Series). The lack of ACC in the M235i killed it for me because it already lacks practicality by being a 2+2 coupe instead of a 5-seat sedan/hatchback with fold down rear seats (although the 2-series does have a bigger trunk than the AWD A3/S3).

  2. Kraut says:

    I think the biggest problem is BMW won’t build a car that would have better performance than the M3/4. The stupid hierarchy they are afraid to break.

  3. Zeyn says:

    What a rubbish article!Honestly most people don’t care about brand loyalty anymore-and if you can’t get a M2 cause it’s limited-then what is the point!Ill take the 280kw Cla45 or the Rs3 sedan cause they are also amazing cars!Or maybe even a Cayman.Bmw will just shoot themselves in the foot like the 1M.I used to be a loyal BMW fan- but the others have caught up,if not overtaken in lots of instances!

    • gayo says:

      Wow, the CLA and the RS are not the same kind of car, sorry, I know “sport sedan” and all but it’s not the kind of driving experience you’ll get with the M2. It’s not about numbers or horsepower and the point is that the m235i has brought back the great dynamics of a small sport sedan and the m2 should continue that. The Cayman is obviously the right competition for this car, both will be great on the track and fun but very different character. If you want a torquey, rear wheel drive car for fun on the track, that isn’t massive then you’ve got the 2 series. With Porsche going turbo soon that might change depending on what they do.
      This article is spot on, problem is you’re not the right audience for it. When he says people will pay up for this car because it’s the smaller, better driving experience you’d better believe it. Go have your Audi, this is not for you.

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