In summer of 2014, BMW and GoPro announced a partnership at the launch of the new BMW M3 and M4.

BMW and MINI owners were offered GoPro camera control directly through either the iDrive or MINI Connected with any Wifi-enabled GoPro cameras. The in-car app allows drivers to toggle between still or video camera modes, cycle through artistic and functional presets for the video modes, set the sleep mode for battery preservation and even set up a time lapse for your carving up your favorite winding road.

And now, BMW aims to take this vertical integration a step further. According to f30post, a BMW OEM mount for GoPro appeared in the Electronik Teile Katalog. The mount seems to feature a hook at the end which can be attached to the kidney grille or in some cases, to the side mirrors.


No other details are known at the moment, but we will update this post as we learn more.

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