BMW M Laptimer GoPro 1 750x500

GoPro Integration for BMW M Laptimer App

The BMW Group Technology Office USA and GoPro announced today that beginning summer 2016 the BMW M Laptimer app will include the ability to control a GoPro camera on iOS devices, using the iDrive controller…

ActionGrip 3 N 1 Suction Cup Camera Mount Kit 750x500

What tools we use to produce cars videos and photos

Throughout the year, we spend many days on the road covering exclusive BMW news and in many cases, shooting videos, photos and interviewing BMW executives and designers. To accomplish these tasks, we often invest in…

BMW Accessories for GoPro mounting 1 750x500

BMW Mounting Accessories for GoPro Cameras

BMW take the vertical integration with GoPro cameras a step further with the launch of BMW Mounting Accessories. The official GoPro mounts from BMW were showcased this week at the launch of the new 2…

GoPro bmw factory mounts

OEM GoPro mounts offered by BMW?

BMW and GoPro announced a partnership at the launch of the new BMW M3 and M4. A BMW OEM mount for GoPro appeared in the Electronik Teile Katalog

The All-New BMW M3/M4 with GoPro App Integration

The Gear We Use For Photoshoots And Auto Shows

Every year, we spend many days on the road covering exclusive BMW news. From auto shows and press car launches, to test drives and lifestyle events, the BMWBLOG team aims to cover anything and everything…