If you haven’t heard of Nick Murray, he’s a YouTube car reviewer with a funny New Zealand accent and some pretty nice cars. He’s quite good at reviewing cars because he tell you about the features and characteristics people actually use and care about. But he does it without being too boring, which is key.

He’s reviewed many of his own cars over the years, which have been quite impressive and jealousy-inducing, if I’m honest. He’s had an E92 M3, Porsche 911 and currently has an M4. Jealous indeed.

Recently, though, he did a fun test to see if a BMW M4 could tow a Toyota Tacoma in the snow. So he and his mates (see what I did there, with the accent?) Strapped a Tacoma to his M4 via a tow strap connecting both front ends and decided to both reverse. The strap had a cloth tied around it, in the middle, and if either car could tow the other far enough to have the cloth pass a marker, that car won.

It’s a pretty silly test, but it does show the merits of RWD with snow tires. Most people think that RWD is about as helpful as a pedal-powered wheelchair in the snow, but with the right tires its fine.

Regardless, though, it’s a fun video to watch so check it out. I won’t spoil the ending but it’s a lot closer than you’d think.