It’s winter, the time of utterly pointless races and generally reckless hooning by anyone that owns anything that’s RWD or AWD. Sorry FWD folks, it’s just that we don’t consider FWD as entertaining. Some of you might remember Nick Murray from some older videos in which he ranted about his experience in a Porsche 991 and all the issues with that car. That whole experience eventually led him to purchase a BMW F82 M4 a few months ago. While a BMW M4 definitely isn’t something you would consider a winter car, it’s interestingly pitted against an SUV.

Check out the video below to see how a BMW M4 fairs in a snow tow duel against a Toyota Tacoma. The Japanese SUV is a powerful 4×4 truck with plenty of power, torque and ability to tow things. Not something a BMW M4 owner should mess with in this event. Or is it?