Celebrating 10 year of Vorsteiner, the California-based tuning shop unveils their new line of Flow Forged wheels. The new line-up will be introduced at the 2014 SEMA tuning and aftermarket show and will be showcased on Vorsteiner’s GTRS4 model.

The new Vorsteiner Flow Forged Series will bring four designs utilizing three unique finishes. In addition, each wheel will carry three concavities built to maximize the wheel depth for many European applications.

With the new wheels, Vorsteiner aims to not only provide a beautiful design but also make the wheels lightweight, yet durable. By offering three concavities per design, Vorsteiner also maximized the wheel depth for many European applications.

The Flow Forged Technology is on average 25% lighter compared to a conventional cast construction, yet substantially stronger. The majority of surplus weight can be shaved by the use of less but stronger aluminum. High-pressure rollers heat, stretch and fortifies the barrel to the specified width and density, the molecular compound of the metal significantly hardens in a streamline direction.

Studying the design language of each vehicle, Vorsteiner determined which wheel styles can enhance or weaken the symmetry of the vehicle’s character.

See the new Vorsteiner wheels in the photo gallery below:

Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 101

Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 102 Wheel

Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 103 Wheel