Yesterday, the upcoming BMW M4 GTS was spotted during a testing session at Nurburgring. After the car retired near the M Testing Facility, our sister website Bimmertoday had a chance to get unclose with the M4 GTS.

Camouflaged with the BMW M4 Safety livery, the M4 GTS stands out with large rear wing and the unmistakable front splitter with camo tape on it as well.

Although there are no official statements from Garching for their upcoming BMW M4 GTS, we already have a few initial clues on what to expect from the race-oriented M4.


In addition to the obvious aerodynamic components, customers can look forward to some new lightweight elements. The weight benefits will also be realized through the omission of the rear bench and the use of extremely lightweight bucket seats.

To further improve the power-to-weight ratio, a performance upgrade for the twin-turbo inline six-cylinder S55 in on BMW’s list as well. We currently estimate that the expected BMW M4 GTS middle-class athlete will drive its rear wheels with about 470 hp.


Finally, the chassis is given a lower weight and higher performance.

Here is a photo gallery: