Tuning shop German Special Customs releases the BMW i8 iTRON program for the exciting hybrid sportscar. The appearance of the BMW i8 is already futuristic, sporty and aggressive so the task to improve those qualities is no easy feast.

Based in Chemnitz, the tuner not only changed aprons all around, but also gave the car more aggressive hood lines and matching rims with wider tires.

At first glance, the i8 iTRON stands out with its large air intakes and the extremely aggressive front spoiler with integrated LED daytime running lights . The newly designed engine hood carries large openings inspired from motorsport.

bmw i8 gsc1 750x449

Wider side sills and a rear exhaust with tail pipes underscore the sporty character.

Rounding out the tuning program are the wheel and tire combination, wider and bigger for extra punch.

No changes are announced under the hood even though we already know that both the 1.5 liter 3-cylinder engine and the electric motor can be tuned further than the stock power.

bmw i8 gsc5 750x449