Getting picked up from school in a BMW i8

BMW i | October 3rd, 2014 by 10
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If you’re a kid in school and your mom picks you up in a BMW i8, your popularity just goes through the roof. The BMW i8 was spotted, out of all places, in Castle Rock, Colorado and it sports the Ionic Silver color which looks amazing under the cloudy skies.

We also love the fact that the i8 is not a “man’s little toy” and that women enjoy just as much the cool design, low sitting driving position and its sportiness.

Even though the i8 is rumored to be sold out at many U.S. dealerships, with some selling the hybrid sportscar at a premium price, potential customers or BMW aficionados can head over to the site and play around with the options on the i8, one of the recent BMW models that doesn’t come with a long list of options and packages.

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BMW i8 can be specified in a choice of four colors, three of which have been created exclusively for BMW i. All the paint finishes provide a striking contrast to the black belt: Ionic SilverProtonic BlueCrystal White and Sophisto Grey.

The MSRP for the BMW i8 is $136,650 (including destination).

First BMW i8 units were delivered last month at the 2014 Concourse d’Elegance in Pebble Beach.

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