What do you do when you’re in the middle of a desert and driving a BMW i3 fully-electric car? Well, you can first look for a public charging station, which in a middle of a desert…might be a challenge. Second, you can tow the car to the closest charging station. Another task that will take time to complete.

So what’s other options you have with the BMW i3? You could have ordered the car with the $4,000 Range Extender option or …you can head over to your local Home Depot and rent a Honda portable generator.

When the car is locked the connector will not release, even when charging is finished

The folks over at Gadget Review have just done that and tested the gasoline-powered generator which charged the BMW i3 from 41% to 45% in 30 minutes.

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Gadget Review took the experiment one-step further by trying to run the generator inside the back of the car and plugging in, complete with a rigged-up ventilation system, but the driver quickly realized that will imply asphyxiation.

So here is the quirky review: