After a long wait, EPA has finally rated the BMW i3 REx (Range Extender) and the first units have been released to the customers.

The US Environmental Protection Agency rates the BMW i3 REx at 72 miles on full electric mode and 39 MPG when using the two cylinder gasoline engine. MPGe combined is 117 and the total range comes to 150 miles.

In comparison, the US EPA says the BMW i3 BEV has a range of 81 miles with a combined MPGe of 124 (138 MPGe City, 111 MPGe Highway), which puts the BEV variant at the top of list, followed by Chevrolet Spark EV and Honda Fit EV.


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In order to reduce range anxiety, BMW i3 REx comes with a rear-mounted 650cc, 34 hp, two-cylinder, gasoline- powered Range Extender generator is available, which roughly doubles the vehicle’s range. When the battery gets to a certain level, the Range Extender starts and maintains the battery’s current state of charge.

The Range Extender never directly drives the vehicle’s wheels. The Range Extender adds roughly 330 lbs. to the vehicle curb weight and has a fuel capacity of 1.9 gallons. Pricing (before federal or local incentives) starts at $41,350; $45,200 for Range Extender model.


[Source: InsideEvs]