The BMW E46 M3 is one of the most important cars in BMW M history and it remains today one of the BMW classics. The tuning programs for the E46 M3 have been also one of the most popular back in the day and over time many impressive projects were launched.

Today, we’re going to showcase a rear diffuser made by Vorsteiner who gives the E46 M3 some carbon fiber parts to make it stand out even more.

This rear diffuser is made for a particular application and it provides a nice upgrade to the stock looks and performance levels as well. Made from pre-prag carbon fiber, it’s a lightweight solution.

Vorsteiner Rear Diffuser For BMW E46 M3 Image 01 750x500

It’s also strong and provides more rigidity, downforce and overall performance levels are increased due to it. All without excessive weight for the vehicle. Fitment is simple, as the old diffuser needs to be removed and the new one installed, it’s a few simple moves where you need to push out the pins holding the diffuser in place. That’s pretty much all you need to do there.

Please take a look at some detailed shots of this beautiful aftermarket performance part right below.

Vorsteiner Rear Diffuser For BMW E46 M3 Image 02 750x500

Vorsteiner Rear Diffuser For BMW E46 M3