In a big influx of potentially interesting aftermarket builds, we have a somewhat down to earth project to show you. It involves IND Distibution and BMW Performance parts, together with a BMW M3.  A BMW Performance Rear Diffuser was installed on a BMW F80 M3 by IND showing us the potential of M3/M4 tuning programs.

The aero options from the performance division provide a sportier and more aggressive look while maintaining the stock design lines. The Yas Marina Blue M3 just got a small, but equally important in both performance and design part that further accentuates the rear of the vehicle nicely. This rear diffuser is part of a bigger lineup of BMW Performance Parts for the M3/M4 and consists of: carbon fiber front splitters, trunk spoiler, rear diffuser and mirror covers.

BMW Performance F8X M4 diffuser 16 750x500

IND Distribution has made a step-by-step guide on how to install the rear diffuser. It entirely transforms the rear of the vehicle and I’m sure it would work nicely with an aftermarket exhaust system as well.

Step 1:
The OEM diffuser is secured by 2 screws and multiple clips on the upper partition. There are two screws in the center of the diffuser that must be removed, but are not important to the factory diffuser install. Using the 8mm socket remove all 4 screws

BMW Performance F8X M4 diffuser 2 750x500

Step 2:
With the screws removed simply pull the diffuser from the bumper. The top clips do not require much pressure so no body tools are required.

BMW Performance F8X M4 diffuser Installation By IND

Step 3:
With the diffuser removed it is now time for install of the M Performance carbon fiber diffuser. This piece utilizes all 4 8mm screws and the existing body clips. Step 1 of the installation is to lineup the clips and carefully press into place.

BMW Performance F8X M4 diffuser Installation By IND

Step 4:
Now that the diffuser is loosely secured by the mounting tabs simply tighten the four 8mm screws.

BMW Performance F8X M4 diffuser Installation By IND

Enjoy! Take a look at the installation steps detailed in the gallery below.