The folks at Hooniverse are reviewing the Dinan S3-R BMW 1M, the very same little rocket we’ve tested last year.

Mated with the powerful BMW N54 Dinan twin turbocharged engine, this is a track day car on Sunday and daily commuter car come Monday. Dinan makes the direct injection BMW N54 engine breathe with 14psi of boost pressure producing 444 horsepower @ 6300 rpm and 450 Ft Lbs of torque @ 3300 rpm.

Sporting a carbon black exterior with matching charcoal interior and a manual 6 speed transmission this rare BMW specimen is a spectacle to behold.

Dinan 1M - S3-R BMW 1M - Shawn Molnar | BMWBLOG-1

Handling Features & Upgrades

• The 1M comes from BMW with wide fender flares and the same brakes as the E92 M3
• Dinan springs and coil over suspension kit for adjustable ride height and camber adjustment
• Front thrust arm monoballs and rear suspension toe links for maintaining precision handling
• Dinan 3-way adjustable tubular front anti-roll bar for reduced unsprung weight and body roll control
• Salisbury limited slip differential for reducing wheel spin coming off the corner and putting the power down
• Lightweight BBS CH-R wheels and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires

Performance Features & Upgrades

• Dinan performance engine software that optimizes boost pressure, fuel mixture, and ignition timing while also raising the engine rev limit and removing the top speed governor
• Dinan stainless steel performance exhaust adds power and gives the 1M a sound that let you know it means business
• Larger turbochargers with updated wastegates from Dinan for improved boost control
• Dinan carbon fiber cold air intake feeding additional air into the larger compressor wheels of the turbochargers
• Larger volume intercooler for cooling the intake charge of the additional boost pressure
• High capacity engine oil cooler is also added for additional cooling of the engine

Let’s see the video review: