New BMW i8 Commercials

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2015 bmw i8 photos 60 750x500

BMW releases a new series of commercials featuring the new BMW i8. The first commercial is titled “Genesis” and describes the journey from the first …

BMW releases a new series of commercials featuring the new BMW i8.

The first commercial is titled “Genesis” and describes the journey from the first vision through several phases of development to its realization. A journey from the impossible to the possible that focuses 100% on the power and beauty of the BMW i8. The American actor Michael Pitt brings the TVC to life.

Second one is called “Attitude” and visualizes the fact that the BMW i8 is not just a fantasy, but reality. Not just a concept car, but a plug-in hybrid fit for the road. Incontrovertible proof of BMW’s technological leadership and optimistic, smart, self-confident attitude. The British actress Mickey Sumner features in the TVC.

2015 bmw i8 photos 59 750x500

The last clip, “Powerful Idea”, expresses the compelling power of the right idea — a power that is fueled by passion and joy, and enables the possible to forge ahead. The British actor Sam Hazeldine is the embodiment and voice of this powerful idea.

Let’s have a look.

9 responses to “New BMW i8 Commercials”

  1. Otto says:

    Soooooo, the i8 was supposed to be the 1st street car with laser lights due this autumn.

    Ho wait, what am I reading ?
    Audi just released a special edition of the R8 with what ?! Laser lights !!!
    And available for order just today !!

    lmfao !!!
    Ho well, BMW was the 1st to ANNOUNCE it though….
    Sorry, couldn’t help…

    • CDspeed says:

      Does it really matter who comes out with laser lights first? They both obviously had been working on the same thing so eventually they’ll both have them on the market. The thing I think will be more impressive is Audi’s launch of the all electric R8 e-Tron, why bother with hybrids when you can go full electric.

      • Otto says:

        1st of all, it’s always funny to watch kids doing a pissing contest as Horatiu calls it. BMW started it and lost.
        2nd thing, until there’s a huge improvement in battery technologies, hybrid and electric cars are dead. The future is fuel cell powered cars. And the future is next year. Meanwhile, just enjoy the last of its kind, a pure N/A engine and laid back.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          It is a pissing contest, in the end, it’s kinda irrelevant which one came to market first. Both have been working on this tech for years

          • Otto says:

            I’ve never said anything else. I just can’t help laughing at BMW who started it, boldly announced to be the 1st maker to release them and lost.
            If there’s one thing BMW must learn from Apple it’s not announcing new technologies years before they release them to the street instead of praising the “white colour” and using “i” naming.
            One last thing : let’s hope it won’t end up in a patent war, just like Apple and Samsung.

          • CDspeed says:

            I do agree with you, BMW shouldn’t have made such a bold statement not knowing how far along Audi was. They were both clearly working on the technology, but BMW basically made a prediction saying they’d be first, but not having full knowledge of their competitors they’re claim/prediction was shot down. BMW started the little contest, and didn’t win.

        • CDspeed says:

          As I see Horatiu has all ready replied I was also saying it’s irrelevant, and not worth arguing over. And fuel cells may look good to you but let’s not make any predictions just yet. But I do like the one that everyone can already use globally.

  2. CDspeed says:

    It’s such a good looking futuristic car it seams a shame that you have to put gasoline in it. That might sound odd, but fueling it with an old fashioned fuel nozzle just doesn’t seem, right.

  3. Raymond West says:

    It’s is a good looking bmw car, I live near the  bmw dealership in greensboro NC I wonder when is it going to hit there show room??

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