“Think amphibian” was the advice given to BMWBLOG by Century West BMW’s General Sales Manager, Chris Marino, when he rolled out an exclusive Dakar Yellow BMW M5 just last week.

Green, was an easy-enough choice, but we had no idea it would be applied in such dramatic fashion to a Competition Package-equipped BMW M6 Coupe.

And Century West BMW has once again delivered an exclusive and exotic BMW coloring scheme. And from what Marino tells us, this is believed to the first of its kind on the market. “When I think of a BMW coupe, I think of it in a racing environment like Laguna Seca or Monterey—this thought graduates my thinking to the racing-livery colors of green and blue. Since we already did an M6 Coupe  in Laguna Seca Blue, the progression to green on a coupe was natural for me,” Marino tells us.

Java Green 2014 BMW M6 Coupe Competition Package-13

Fully loaded, this magnificent 570 hp monster comes equipped with Night Vision, Carbon Ceramic Brakes, Competition Package, and Bang & Olufsen High-Fidelity Sound System. “If this were going to be a track car, I would have ditched all but the Carbon Ceramic Brakes,” says Marino, “The buyer I see in this car is not going to be discriminating and will want everything.”

Marino, and Century West BMW, have repeatedly succeeded in distinguishing themselves as buying into BMW Motorsport tradition as well as an innate ability to bring-to-market some of the most exclusive assembly-produced BMW cars.

Java Green 2014 BMW M6 Coupe Competition Package-03

A fan of BMW Individual, Marino opines for more-separation from the “A la carte BMW menu.” “I’d love to go beyond what we have already produced. I’m not out to necessarily outdo anything we’ve already requested of Munich. Instead, I want to find the recesses of performance and equipment that BMW Individual will allow into the US.” Says Marino.

BMW buyers in the United States have long-since been relegated to only doing so much of what their European counterpart-dealers are allowed to do based on customer-request. “From my understanding, there isn’t much limitation in terms of what you can request of the factory, if you are taking delivery in Europe.” Marino hopes to be able to demonstrate a proof-of-concept model to the BMW folks and that U.S. customers will have more options in ordering.

Does Marino have any other “skunkworks” projects in the hopper?

“Yes, of course”. He tells us—but without a hint this time. “Very soon.”