BMW introduced the concept X5 eDrive at he Frankfurt IAA auto show, as a continuation of BMW’s hybrid offerings. Utilizing the 2014 X5 SAV as its base it differs a bit from previous mild hybrid offerings from BMW in that it is a plug-in hybrid.

The X5 eDrive utilizes the N20 four cylinder, direct-injected, turbocharged gasoline engine and a 70kW electric motor and battery pack for motivation. This differs from the existing 5er hybrid in that the X5 eDrive makes do with two less cylinders and nearly doubles the power of the electric motor.


BMW was sparse with the details of the gasoline engine, electric motor, battery pack arrangement, but it isn’t unreasonable to believe that it is similar to the layout of the 5er hybrid. If so it would utilize an electric motor in the nose of the transmission, rather than a torque converter, and the eight speed automatic. There was no specific indication of the capacity of the battery pack but it is possible that it is a bit more than 5 kWh and probably less than 10 kWh.

BMW specifies a 30 km range (about 19 miles) on pure electric power alone, enough to get back and forth from shopping in an urban environment for example. And it can run in strictly electric mode at speeds up to 75 MPH. However, your range will diminish accordingly.


To manage battery capacity BMW has created three drive modes for the X5 eDrive, Intelligent Hybrid, Pure Electric, and Save Battery. It is the Save Battery mode that highlights how BMW expects the vehicle to be used. Going into Save Battery mode restricts the use of battery capacity – allowing for a reserve to complete a journey in pure electric mode inside a city core for example.

One aspect of the design cues caught our attention, BMW is using what they call iBlue accents on the X5 eDrive. Expect to see more i-branding on BMW’s hybrid offerings in the future.