Hugo Becker

Hugo Becker is our resident curmudgeon and technology maven. Having had a driver’s license for over 40 years, he also has seat time in a large number of cars, from the silly to sublime. He brings a Sputnik era emphasis on science and technology to BMWBLOG, along with a passion for automotive history. Did we mention he’s old and crotchety?
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The BMW 2002 Turbo Celebrates Its 50th Birthday

BMW was floundering – in danger of being absorbed by one or another of Germany’s larger carmakers in the late 1950s. They had a small car, the 700 and larger cars, the 500 series Baroque…

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All you need to know about BMW’s Gen6 cylindrical cells

BMW is introducing a new generation of battery technology, developed internally, to be unveiled in the “NEUE KLASSE” electric vehicles in the 2025 timeframe. The cylindrical cells are a departure from the prismatic battery format…

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Trios – Delightful and Disappointing

I had a bit of a brain hiccup recently that prompted me to think of cars I’ve driven that disappointed me and immediately thought of three cars. These are not necessarily cars I loathe, rather…

McMurtry Speirling Obliterated the Goodwood Festival of Speed Hillclimb Record

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The Last of the (Mostly) Analog Cars

The aged amateur racers were all in their places, coffee at hand, and mostly wide awake. The question was posed, “when will we see the first serious professional race driver that has not learned to…

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BMW i8 – A Look Back At This Marvelous Sportscar

Frankfurt, Germany – June 2011. BMW was about to wow the world’s automotive press by presenting their vision of an electric future at the Frankfurt Messe. They had developed two concept cars to display, one…

BMW i3 Concept Coupe charging 750x500

BMW i3 Charging – The Charging Guide

So you have decided to go electric – great news, and in buying a BMW i3 you have managed to get one technically sophisticated machine that accelerates and handles quite well. But, one nagging question…