The story about the invention of the BMW 3 Series Touring and the beginning of the lifestyle touring. Engineer Max Reisböck wanted to go on vacation with his family, but in the mid 80’s regular BMW’s were too small for his luggage.

That’s why he invented the BMW Touring out of a wrecked 3 Series Sedan. Finally, the board of BMW took over his idea.

But the story stars with Max Reisböck being a huge fan of the 3-series, and with his wife’s pregnancy. He worried that his family might soon outgrow and a sedan won’t be spacious enough.

Using the off-hours tools and talent of the prototype shop, without the knowledge or blessing of management, his ad hoc team members created the first 3-series wagon. When they were finished, they showed it to Reisboeck’s boss, who liked it enough to show it to the chairman, who loved it. The project was given the green light with only minor modifications, and series production began for the 1988 model year.