With about two years  before BMW will actually release an M2 model, an owner of BMW shop in California decided to build his own BMW M2 version. Marc Norris, owns Bavarian Workshop in SoCal and has recently unveiled the M2 project built for a customer. The car is a combination of the iconic BMW 2002 and the drivetrain from the E30  M3, yet another famous car from BMW’s history.

The S14 2.3 liter four-cylinder high-rev unit was fitted into the 2002 with the help of new drive shafts and a custom cradle for the manual transmission. Other custom touches include Recaro seats from an E21 320, upgraded suspensions, ALPINA wheels and Wilwood brakes.

To add more luxury to the car, perforated Nappa Leather was added.


With its 200 horsepower, the BMW “M2” sprints to 60 mph in about five seconds.

Here is a video of the BMW M2 project:

[Source: ElectricFederal via Autoblog]