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For Sale: 1972 BMW 2002 tii with S14 engine

Before the BMW 3 Series dominated sales charts and suburban driveways, it was the 2002 that made BMW famous. It was the car that put the Bavarian brand on the map, especially so in America….

Best BMW Engines of All-Time: An Alternate Take

Nico DeMattia got the ball rolling with his list of ‘Five Best BMW Engines of All-Time’ and I thought I’d give an alternate view. The history of superior BMW engine designs originates at the very…

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Top 5 Engines We Love

There are so many fantastic engines from so many different automakers. Great engines can come from any car maker, from any country and can be any size or shape. What makes an engine special is…

BMW M2 – Born from the 2002 and E30 M3 models

With about two years  before BMW will actually release an M2 model, an owner of BMW shop in California decided to build his own BMW M2 version. Marc Norris, owns Bavarian Workshop in SoCal and…

What’s your favorite BMW engine of all time?