At the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, BMWBLOG interviewed Bernhard Ederer, BMW Spokesperson for the 3 and 4 Series in Germany. During the short but insightful interview (watch it here), Mr. Ederer answered a question that many of us have been thinking about since the unveil of the Concept 4 Series Coupe: what will be the pricing when it hits the market?

Without offering an exact price point, Mr. Ederer says that being in a competitive market the company plans to have the 4 Series priced at the same pricing levels as the outgoing E92 3 Series Coupe.


So let’s look at the U.S. market. The 328i Coupe starts at $38,800, while the xDrive version sells for $40,400. The next model in the lineup, 335i takes out of your pocket exactly $45,100, while the supped-up 335is has a premium price of $52,100. There is also an xDrive 335i Coupe which is priced just slightly above the RWD version: $46,800.

We are the first one to admit that we were wrong in our initial estimations. We believed that BMW will significantly increase the base price of the 4 Series, similar to Audi’s A4 and A5 models. With an attractive price tag and an even more amazing design, the 4 Series Coupe will be the new face of BMW and most likely the highest sold 3/4 Series car ever.

Stay tuned for more info and videos on the BMW 4 Series!