Here are the first live photos of the new BMW 4 Series Coupe. The 4er in concept form made its debut at the BMW Design Night in Munich and it was introduced by BMW Head of Design, Karim Habib.

BMW has decided to take a page from Audi and bump its coupe offering up a number. Instead of the heretofore 3 Series Coupe, we’re seeing that the 4 Series Coupe Concept is the direction the company will take going forward. In line with the coupe version of the 5 being a 6, this shows how BMW intends to bump up the cachet (and price) for two-door variants. The price increase we believe it will be at least $5,000 more than the 3 Series sedan.

Full BMW 4 Series Coupe Coverage

The new 4 is also on a slightly lower, wider and longer chassis than the existing 3 series coupe. It has the usual BMW exterior cues, with a dash of hi tech in the LED headlamps.

BMW will start selling the 4 Series Coupe in the summer of 2013. Here is a video and photo gallery showing us the 4 Series Coupe from upclose.