Rumor: BMW 6 Series Gran Touring might come to market

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Late last month, French Magazine L’Automobile reported on a large, four-door Gran Touring model being considered by BMW. The BMW 6 Series Gran Touring is …

Late last month, French Magazine L’Automobile reported on a large, four-door Gran Touring model being considered by BMW. The BMW 6 Series Gran Touring is being evaluated as an answer to the Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Break and the Jaguar XF Shooting Break. The two break models have chosen to relegate the practical aspects of a large vehicle combined with the sleekness and elegance of a premium vehicle.

The CLS Shooting Break is a model with an attractive look, carrying forward the next generation CLS language previewed in the Mercedes F800 Style. The rear end offers a more pronounced coupe look than seen on the BMW 5 Series GT, with a tall roof. The 6er Gran Touring will build atop the design language of the recently launched 6 Series Gran Coupe, but with a break rear-end that accommodates a tailgate.

If the market will demand a new niche vehicle, BMW is said to consider building the 6 Series Gran Touring. To add more fuel to the fire, the usual BMW insider Scott27 reports that such model is now due out in 2014.

serie 6 gran touring schulte 3 4 av d image photo leader 1

When designing the BMW 6er Gran Coupe alongside the replacements for the BMW 6er Coupe and Cabrio. Creativity inspired another design off-shoot mainly a Shooting Brake variant of the then upcoming Gran Coupe.
Finished in scale format from the initial sketch , BMW had a proposal ready by the time the Gran Coupe Concept premiered in Beijing in April 2010.

Conceived as a much lower Touring in relation to the 3er and 5er Tourings. 6er Gran Touring like the 6er Gran Coupe is much lower than their Touring counterparts. A shallow glasshouse enables the rear of the car to be more dynamically lower whilst still incorporating the sleek proportions of the Gran Coupe. The 6er Gran Touring has now reached the critical point in its gestation, it is destined to follow the Gran Coupe into production following a preview in the guise of a semi-production car as a concept.

BMW see potential in the Gran Touring , especially as an “alternative” especially in markets where the wagon market (USA) is all but dead. Spawned off the current matrix and architecture under todays 5,6 and 7 models. The Gran Touring follows BMW’s creative approach at new niches.

6er Gran Touring will bring the 6er family to four models and position the 6er range as a more complete sporting family. The addition of the Gran Touring is also beneficial in terms of another profitable model developed from an existing platform. Of course the genetics could be carried over to the forthcoming BMW 4er Gran Coupe – A car described as one of the most beautiful BMW’s ever.

With potential for a BMW 4er Gran Touring, mimicking the 6er family and bringing the 3er family to eight models. Potential for a 2er model is also apparent if BMW move forward on a four door Coupe model of next years 2er Coupe. The potential also lies for a high Performance M6 Gran Touring to join the upcoming M6 Gran Coupe or even an M Performance 650d which will arrive early in 2013 for the Coupe and Gran Coupe models. An M6 Gran Touring will allow BMW M to offer a high performance alternative to an SAV and a true M wagon that would effectively succeed the E61 M5 Touring which in some way has been replaced by the M550d Touring as a sort of “Sign of the times.”

Space and flexibility will not be as grand or capacious as a regular Touring, but it is thought that customers for this kind of vehicle would mainly use it as a small holdall. For example – transportation to sporting events and cross-continental touring at the weekend.

The BMW 6er Gran Touring is expected on the market in 2014. BMW has already trademarked the car’s “Gran Touring” designation.

Here are some renderings by Theophilus Chin and Roger Lighterness:

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  1. Jimmy says:

    I havent been on this site long but it basically just recycles bimmerpost news?

  2. empower says:

    Lol someone Hit a nerve

    • Horatiu B. says:

      It’s the usual admin from that site that comes here 10 sec after we post something to bash. They forget they don’t own the news and sometimes we sit on them to find out more info.


  3. LaMa says:

    LOOKS GOOD. weird but looks good.

  4. Mateo says:

    lol, merc make “4 door coupe”, and now they made estate version of 4 door coupe WTF??? Why is bmw copying them? I want BMW truck hahaha

  5. BMW BEST says:

    Hope this won’t be fulfill…

  6. viper says:

    that is just silly. with new cls shooting brake here comes another nonsense .great, but the cls actually looks good , this just looks the same as the f10 touring. boring bmw designs. business as usual…where’s the M version?

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